High School Students Making a Difference

Lakewood High school students, who won an exclusive concert from Katy Perry in October, collectively raised over $36K with help from other schools to kick of their One World One Roar campaign.

Lakewood High School

Lakewood High School Students

They were selected by the pop sensation herself as the prize winning school of her “Roar” lip dub contest. The student body decided they would use their new publicity to challenge many other high schools in the country to donate to charity. The campaign website announced that they have raised $36,242 with the help of schools in Colorado, Wyoming, and Illinois for various charities, including the Colorado flood relief efforts and the Special Olympics.

In a rally yesterday morning, Lakewood students gave their first check to the American Red Cross, worth over $9,000. The Red Cross also donated donuts, coffee, and hot chocolate to the students participating in the rally.


The One World One Roar effort came to life after the students were unable to open the Katy Perry concert to the public due to contest rules. Waning to donate to the flood relief effort, students are now challenging every high school in America to raise $1,000 to give to any charity they want. The campaign collects funds through donations and T-shirt sales (the same shirt worn by students to the Katy Perry concert). Officials say that if every high school in the USA were to raise $1,000, about $39 million dollars would end up being given to charities.



Charlie Hustle, who in 1970, slammed into Ray Fosse to score the winning run in the All-Star game, is astonished that Major League Baseball plans on eliminating home-plate collisions within the next year.

Hustle flattening Fosse

Hustle flattening Fosse

“What are they going to do next, you can’t break up a double play?”

Rose stated in a telephone interview with The Associated Press after MLB announced it’s newest plan on Wednesday.

“You’re not allowed to pinch inside. The hitters wear more armor than the Humsvees in Afghanistan. Now you’re not allowed to try to be safe at home plate?” Rose said. “What’s the game coming to?” Evidently the guys making all these rules never played the game of baseball.”

New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson, chairman of the rules committee, made the announcement at the winter meetings, stating the change would go into effect within the next year. Safety and worries of concussions were major factors. Fans still grimace at the thought of the season-ending hit Buster Posey absorbed in 2011.

“Ultimately what we want to do is change the culture of acceptance that these plays are ordinary and routine and an accepted part of the game,”

Alderson said. “The costs associated in terms of health and injury just no longer warrant the status quo.”

In a sport bound by tradition, banning will be a major step. MLB also enforcing the use of instant replays by umpires in an effort to eliminate bad calls.

Banned forever in 1989 following a gambling investigation, Rose said Fosse was blocking the plate without the ball, which is supposed to be against the rules. Fosse injured his shoulder and his career went downhill from there.

“Since 1869, baseball has been doing pretty well,” Rose said.

“The only rules they ever changed was the mound (height) and the DH. I thought baseball was doing pretty good. Maybe I’m wrong about the attendance figures and the number of people going to ballgames.”

Alderson said the rules change will be presented to owners for approval their meeting in January in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Things must be figured out, such as what should happen if a catcher blocks the plate without the ball?

Blocking home plate

Blocking home plate

“The exact language and how exactly the rule will be enforced is subject to final determination,”

He said. “We’re going to do fairly extensive review of the types of plays that occur at home plate to determine which we’re going to find acceptable and which are going to be prohibited.”

Approval of the players’ union is demanded for the rules to change and go into effect in the 2014 season.

“If the players’ association were to disapprove, then the implementation of the rule would be suspended for one year, but could be implemented unilaterally after that time,”

Alderson said. The union declined speaking, pending a review of the proposed change. Some players decided to speak up on Twitter.

“No more home plate collisions?! What is this? NFL quarterbacks are catchers now?”

Oakland outfielder Josh Reddick wrote.

MLB bans home plate collisions?!? ridiculous….what’s next? NFL becomes flag football?

— Nick Rotondo (@Nick_Rotondo) December 12, 2013

<blockquote lang=”en”><p>MLB bans home plate collisions and distributes pacifiers to players  <a href=”https://twitter.com/search?q=%23mlb&amp;src=hash”>#mlb</a> <a href=”https://twitter.com/MLB”>@MLB</a> <a href=”

If the MLB bans collisions at the plate I might have to start watching Lacrosse

— Walter White (@Bobby_Saba) December 12, 2013


If MLB bans home plate collisions does also mean catchers will no longer be allowed to block the plate and runner will have to slide direct?

— Return on Investment (@computedude) December 12, 2013

Drafting the rule figures to be complicated. “Does it include at every base or just home plate?” Baltimore manager Buck Showalter said. “What’s considered blocking the plate and how do you define all of it?” The NCAA instituted a rule on collisions for the 2011 season, saying ” contact above the waist that was initiated by the base runner shall not be judged as an attempt to reach the base or plate.” The umpire can rule and call the runner our. The player can also get ejected if the contact is determined to be malicious or flagrant.

The rule is likely to have an effect on youth leagues, as well. Player safety is the main concern. Little League players must slide or make an effort to get around the fielders. Plate collisions are often prohibited in high-school ball.

“The actual detail, frankly the kinds of plays that we’re trying to eliminate, we haven’t finely determined. I would expect to put together 100 of these plays and identify which ones we want to continue to allow and others that we want to prohibit, and draft a rule accordingly.”

Alderson said.

National News

Satellite images of North Korea suggest that the population of one of it’s biggest prison camps is expanding, Amnesty International said Thursday in a report.

North Korea Prison Camp

North Korea Prison Camp

“For Amnesty International, which has been investigating human rights violations for the last 50 years, we find North Korea to be in a category of its own,”

Said  Amnesty’s East Asia researcher Rajiv Narayan. North Korea denies any and all existence of the prison camps. According to independent studies, the camps hold between 1000,000 and 200,000 people. The images consider that the Amnesty reports were taken over a two-year time frame from 2011-2013. The photos are of Camp 15 in the southern piece of the country and Camp 16 in the north.

The size of Camp 16 is estimated to be about 216 square miles — three times the size of Washington, DC — with about 20,000 prisoners. Analysis indicated a slight increase in the camp’s population. There are new, visible housing blocks and signs of significant economic activity such as mining and logging.

A former, 1980’s security guard, named only as Lee in the Amnesty report, talked about the methods used to torture and execute prisoners. He revealed that many prisoners were forced to dig their own graves and were killed by getting hammers blown into their necks. Lee also said he witnessed guards strangling prisoners, as well as beating them to death with wooden sticks. Prison officials often raped and then killed the women of the camps, he said.

“After a night of ‘servicing’ the officials, the women had to die because the secret could not get out. This happens at most of the political prison camps,”

The former guard told Amnesty. Former Camp 15 inmates were subject to forced labor — usually for 10-12 hours a day, with a strict production target, without food or water. Many prisoners died from starvation.

“Often we did not meet our targets because we were always hungry and weak,”

One former Camp 15 prisoner told Amnesty and often times, the prisoners food quota was reduced if the target production rate wasn’t hit. The recent images of Camp 15 — also known as Yodok -– show that 39 housing blocks have been demolished since Amnesty International last assessed satellite pictures of the camp two years ago.

Amnesty International called on North Korea, requesting a shut down of any and all prison camps.


What is abortion?

Besides one of the most hotly debated topics in this decades government system, abortion is the practice or act of terminating a pregnancy.  It ends the life and continued growth of an unborn child. It is a legal option for women who are experiencing an unplanned or ‘crisis pregnancy’.

Abortion Debates

Abortion Debates

Should it be legal? Should it be banned?

I believe that abortion is completely and absolutely immoral. I support the federal ban on abortion because I think that the federal government has a moral responsibility to protect fetuses and embryos, and that there is no constitutional right to abortion. Within my support of a federal abortion ban, I think that exceptions in cases of rape, incest, or to protect the life of the mother are situations where abortion can be an option.


Abortion is Immoral

In any other case, one reason why abortion is wrong is because there are many other safer solutions. In the article, Why Do More People Choose Abortion Over Adoption?, Kristi Burton Brown stated:

“In the USA, there are approximately two million infertile couples waiting to adopt, many times regardless of the child’s medical problems such as Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida, HIV infection or terminally ill. Dr. Brad Imler, President of America’s Pregnancy Helpline, confirms the challenge of waiting couples by stating: Only 1% of the Helpline’s annual 40,000 clients inquires about adoption.”

Putting him/her up for adoption will give them a better chance at a happier life rather than abortion. The solution for a baby should not be death. If it was for a selfish solution, you’re sacrificing a life many other families would love to raise as their own.

Another reason why I don’t support abortion is because it can harm the mother as well. You are highly risking the mother’s life and affecting her. Not only does it have an effect on the USA but, it affects other countries as well like Spain. According to psychiatrist and member of the Right to Life Committee, Carmen Gómez-Lavín states that:

“Sixty five percent of women who abort suffer symptoms of post-traumatic stress syndrome after undergoing the procedure.”

Many women are regretting that choice around the world making it a controversial issue. Abortion can also result into not being able to get pregnant in the future, many sickness’ and even death. Abortion affects both victims in dangerous and physical ways.

A last reason of why abortion is wrong (out of many) is that it is considered brutal murder. In 1982, Ronald Reagan stated:

“Simple morality dictates that unless and until someone can prove the unborn human is not alive, we must give it the benefit of the doubt and assume it is alive. And, thus, it should be entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

You are taking a life and killing a human being. The baby is alive and not just some ‘group of cells’ abortion doctors call them. You are painfully putting a child to death. It is wrong to think someone has the power to end a life so harmfully.

Defend Life

Defend Life



I believe abortion is wrong when used for narcissistic reasons. There are many other things you can do to prevent abortion. There are reasons why I don’t support it. You can use adoption as a solution, but it can harm the mother as well, and you are a taking an innocent life. Teenagers can raise awareness and either speak or show how strongly they believe about this topic. Abortion should not be legalized.



The News 8 Team is participating in this years Harrisburg Thanksgiving Day Parade.  This year’s event is called “Sights and Sounds of the Holiday Season” and  included marching bands, balloons and floats. News 8’s Janelle Stelson, Pete Muntean, Christine Ferreira, Matt Barcaro, Porcha  Johnson, Jere Gish, Julie Gargotta and Ron Martin are participating.

I think it’s cool that the News 8 Team wants to be a bigger part of the community than they already are!




A massive, wintry snow storm is the becoming the cause of canceling traveling plans for Thanksgiving. The storm is sweeping across the US and has already caused ten traffic fatalities. Nearly 400 flights have been canceled in the Dallas-Fort Worth are. After the storm hits parts of the South with train on Monday evening, it’ll start zeroing in on the Northeast. Most of the nastiness will end by Thanksgiving Day, though much of the Northeast will still get a layer of snow Thursday.

I think that it’s weird that places like Texas and New Mexico are getting hit with these massive snow storms. That is not Texas weather! I also think that the weather always tries to ruin the best plans (hahah). I feel as though storms always come at the worst time possible.




Seven Libyian soldiers were killed in Libyia this past weekend. A clash between some of the Libyian Army and a group of Islamists, who are believed to be behind the attack on the U.S’s diplomatic system last year. The fight erupted on Sunday evening and carried into Monday morning. Residents reported a tense calm, schools were closed, and security forces secured main roads and entrances to the city. The fighting ended Monday morning, and it resulted in seven deaths and thirty-nine injuries.

I think that it’s so dumb that it seems like nothing can be resolved around the world without blood shed. It’s sad to know that humans can’t just agree and disagree and move on.


Weekend Mash-up

Lots of events happened and many stories were written in America this past weekend. Drones crashed into Navy ships, new abortion battles, Penn State student death, and more.


Two sailors were hurt when a drone malfunctioned and crashed into a guided missile cruiser off the coast of Southern California. The drone was being used to test the ship’s radar tracking when it malfunctioned, and it veered out of control and struck the cruiser. The ship suffered minor damage and will return to San Diego for an assessment. Investigations are beginning to uncover the cause of the malfunction.



Abortion protestors flooded the University of New Mexico campus on Friday afternoon in attempt to make students aware of the cons of abortion. Flyers, and abortion testimonials were handed out to make their point clear. At least six antiabortion groups have campaigned to support the ban, including  the Susan B. Anthony List, which spent $176,000 on the Albuquerque  campaign in the six weeks leading up to the vote.
Pro Life Rally


State college police were called to the 200 block of Beaver Avenue after a reported victim fall. Conor F. Macmannis, 20, a Penn State student, was pronounced dead at the scene,  according to police. Officials concluded that Macmannis fell from the 9th floor of Penn Towers. Further investigations stated that drugs and alcohol may be a factor in the fall.



A teacher at an Indiana high school was fired after allegedly taking students to a strip club and allowing them to drink at his home. Travis Lechien, 31, is a chemistry teacher at Hanover Central High School in  Cedar Lake. According to some students, they had been to Mr. Lechien’s house on four or five separate occasions to “drink some beer” and “smoke hookah” that Lechien provided. It was also confirmed that Lechien took several students a strip club to celebrate a students’ 18th birthday. He is now facing three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.



After purchasing an apartment site unseen at an auction, the owner entered it  for the first time and discovered the body of the previous tenant hanging by a  bed sheet. He had died from an apparent suicide. The body was identified as Thomas Ngin. A police source told a TF1, local French television station, that Ngin suffered  from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and that his extreme cleanliness and heavy  use of cleaning products might explain why neighbors weren’t bothered by any  odor coming from his home.


This weekend was filled with news scary to scandalous. America continues to deal with abortion battles, murder scenes, and problems that have no solution.

Basic Volleyball Techniques

Volleyball is a very fun, constantly active sport that requires a lot of special techniques. Passing, setting, and hitting are the main skills, but there are also advanced skills like blocking, rolling, and tipping that are used as well. Here is a simple guide to teach the basic skills of the game!


1. Passing

The pass starts with the correct feet positions and stance. If you’re dominant with your right foot, your right foot should be slightly in front of your left. Your feet should be a little more than shoulder width apart and your knees should be slightly bent. This allows you to move quickly to the ball, where ever it may land!


Then, arm alignment is crucial. Make a fist with your left hand with the thumb on top, and cover the left fist with your right hand.  Your thumbs should line up side by side.  Bring your arms together straight and away from the body. Your forearms should create a “platform,” where the ball should contact.  Do not use your fists or wrists to hit the ball—the contact should be about two to six inches above the wrists. An important part to remember is DO NOT SWING YOUR ARMS — just allowed the ball to hit. Passing is about angles. If your platform is angled to the left, that’s where the ball will go. So, always have your platform angled towards the “target” or your setter when receiving a ball.


2. Setting

In a set, the player uses the finger pads to launch the ball high in the air toward hitters. The fingers should be in a diamond shape to start, and they should finish outward. Most of the power for the set comes from the legs and the triceps.  It is not all in the wrist! A good set usually results in a point, which is always exciting!


3. Hitting

The footwork for the approach goes back to what is most comfortable for you.  There are variations for all hitters, but usually there is a three- or four-step approach. The first step (or two) is for DIRECTION.  This tells the body which way it’s going.  Take a step with your left foot (right footers). The last two steps are quick.  The second step is for POWER.  This should be a big, long step with your right foot.  Bring your arms back as your right heel lands and your weight shifts. The last step is to STOP forward motion.  The jump begins when your left foot joins your right, and you push off the floor.  Bring your arms back as in a topspin serve and swing through, snapping your wrist. Hitting takes a lot of hard practice, so don’t give up!


 4. Blocking

The arms extend straight up as the opposing team’s hitter contacts the ball, and you jump as high and close to the net as possible to attempt to make the ball land back on the opposing team’s side.  Start with your knees bent and your hands next to your face, palms facing outward. You have to turn your hands accordingly to make the ball stay in the court, i.e. if you’re on the right side of the court blocking a right-handed hitter in left-front of the opposite side of the court, turn your right hand in toward the court so the ball doesn’t go out of bounds.


5. Rolling

This is a defensive skill used to help players get up quickly from passing a low ball.  The libero or defensive specialist is primarily the player who uses this skill the most.  Extend one arm out and sprawl for the ball then roll over the shoulder of your extended arm and get back in ready position to play.


6. Tipping

This defensive skill is used primarily by setters who cannot make an effective set or front-row players who cannot execute a solid hit (or hitters who want to confuse the other team). When the ball comes close to the net, you simply use your finger pads to “shoot” the ball back onto the other side of the court. This is most effective when a power hitter has had several strong hits; the other team is ready for it, so they back up, which leaves huge holes in the defense perfect for tipped or dinked balls.